Covenant Care is a care ministry devoted to helping people in pain.

Why we do it:

All people experience events in their lives that take them through times of crisis. During these times, mental anguish, anger, emotional stress, and physical pain invade our lives and seem to “take us over.” We often start to feel as though we just can’t, or don’t want to, deal with the normal routines of our lives.
Even though these times are painful, the good news is that there are people who want to help us through them. Most of us have good friends and family members who are willing to support us as we make our way through the crisis event; and that’s great. Sometimes, though, we need to express deeply personal cares, concerns, or ideas, and would like to share these thoughts and feelings with someone impartial who is guaranteed to keep our information private.
Covenant Care is a ministry developed just for that purpose…to spend individual weekly time with a hurting person-to listen to that person with empathy, and to keep all personal information completely confidential. Covenant Care has a team of ten caregivers ready to become “human journals” for suffering, hurting hearts.
If this ministry sounds like one that could help you get through an extra tough time…whether it be an illness or death of a loved one, your personal illness, loss or devastation of property, loss of a job, job change, relocation, broken relationships, or any number of other life events that can lead us to crisis, please consider contacting Covenant Care for more information by emailing or by calling our secure telephone number, 678-427-3063.


If you would like to be a part of this ministry or for more information, please fill out the “Ministry Inquiry Form” on the main Ministries page.