Welcome to New Covenant Discipleship Initiative Devotional.  Discipleship Initiative (DI) is an extension of NCCA.  This program allows you to connect with people at New Covenant Church of Atlanta through growth in the Word of God. You will be partnered with a member of NCCA who would call you weekly to connect, encourage you in the word of God, and pray with you as you grow in the Lord. Another goal of DI is to connect the body of Christ together though discipleship. This initiative allows us to,  despite our hectic daily and weekly schedules,  talk with someone that loves us and is concerned with our well-being and spiritual growth. As a part of DI, we are now offering a 40-day Discipleship Devotional complete with a weekly meeting to encourage you in your spiritual growth and development of healthy christian relationships.

DI is also a vision to reach disciples for Christ exponentially! We are a developing ministry desiring to provide members of New Covenant Church of Atlanta, NCCA Internet Campus and Covenant Network with a resource that encourages spiritual growth and christian connections.



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