Pre-Marital Counseling

What a wonderful time it is in your life to be engaged to be married. Congratulations! We are so proud of you, and excited with you, that you are about to enter a new beginning together as One. In this program, our goal for you is to take two individuals, enable them to become whole, and then the two whole people can enter a wonderful new life together as One.
Every session is catered to the needs of you and your Spiritual walk with God and each other. Before it’s over, you will be equipped with a Spiritual tool belt or purse, with many tools you can use to make your relationship full of Love and Joy.

Couples Counseling

Whether you have major or minor issues, we have some handy tools you can use to get you both restored and feeling that lovin’ feelin. This is also for those who did not have an opportunity to go to Pre-marital counseling.


Meet Your Counselors

Pastor Leah and Deacon Amy

Pastor Leah and Deacon Amy

About the Counselors: By faith in 2006, Amy and Leah entered into Premarital counseling knowing that the Holy Spirit will lead us, guide us, direct us, and counsel through us to couples who want to enter into a true Covenant Marriage. Since then we continue to trust that God will continue to use us to help couples prepare for marriage in ways that only He can do.

We believe that God created marriatge and wants to bless it. In our marriage God has taught us to love each other just as He loves us. Along the way we strive to keep God first in our marriage, to be faithful to each other, to be quick to forgive, to bear all things, to hope all things, and to endure all things. (I Cor. 13)

Our marriage and our lives have been enriched and renewed since we found New Covenant. The blessings we have received from our church has given us the faith and confidence to follow what we believe as a calling from God to enter into this ministry.



  “Through God, Pre-marital Counseling changed my life / our lives forever. Now, our relationship is built on God’s foundation. Sky and I communicate more effectively now, we know now how to give and receive love in our own love languages. The storage units filled with the enemy’s baggage were removed from our lives. Our relationship, our marriage is ROCK SOLID!”

  “We knew we wanted a wedding but we figured since we had been together so long that pre-marital counseling really wasn’t meant for us… Boy, were we wrong! Without this Ministry our relationship would not have lasted.”

  “It is a must have before anyone begins the wonderful journey or marriage with their soul mate.”

  “We changed into something beautiful. We looked different and our love was deeper than I thought it could ever be.”.


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