Sermons from August 2014

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The Favor of God


The Favor of God – God is real in my soul. I John 4:4 – HE who is in me is greater than anyone in the world. Psalm 5:11-12 Favor has very little to do with material things. God saw in David something great – he took the weak things to overcome the mighty. Favor […]

Worship is the Key


  Worship is the Key If you are tired of defeat – Worship is the answer! If you are ready to get closer to God, Worship is the answer! There is a point when you get so close to God that something is provoked from your soul – Worship. The closer we get to God-the […]

The Love Sermon


  I am not going to be talking about the gifts of the spirit, but the very thing that makes these things generate Galatians 5:6 – Faith works through Love You have to learn how to marry your faith walk with your love walk Brings correction and direction When you become a believer in Jesus […]

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