Visiting a new place for the first time can be pretty intimidating and nerve-racking. So, from the comfort of your home, we want to give you an overview of what to expect on your first visit. We hope to answer some of your questions to put your mind at ease and to make sure you are informed and comfortable as you visit New Covenant Church of Atlanta.

When and where are your services?
To view our service schedule and location information click here.

Do I need to arrive early?
You may want to plan to come about 10-15 minutes early on Sunday mornings, to ensure you aren’t rushed and have ample time to park, be greeted by our ushers, and find a comfortable place to sit in the sanctuary.

Where should I park?
We have ample parking in front of and behind our facility. Designated handicap parking spots can be found near the entrance of the church in the parking lot behind the sanctuary.

What should I wear?
We want you to wear what you feel most comfortable worshiping in. You will see people dressed casually from shorts and tee shirts to business casual or in their “Sunday best”.

What’s available for my kids?
On Sunday mornings we offer Children’s Church for children ages 2-8, where they can spend time learning about Jesus through various activities geared towards them. All children remain in the sanctuary during the worship and announcement times, before the sermon children ages 2-8 will be dismissed for Children’s Church, where they will remain until the sanctuary service ends. Children age 9 & up join the adults in the sanctuary throughout the service.

What will the service be like?
Our worship team boldly celebrates the presence of God with singing. During our services we create an environment that allows you to break through barriers and experience the love of God like never before! You may see people express themselves through uplifted hands, dance, flags or banners, or even hear a message given in tongues with an interpretation. Lyrics to all of the songs we sing will be projected onto a large screen. Expect dynamic, practical teaching from the Bible with plenty of applications for everyday life. Normally our services end with a time of invitation and prayer for ALL who need private ministry time. After church many people mingle and talk, both inside and outside. If you hang around a little while, someone will soon be talking with you, too!

If you’d like to gain a better understanding of our worship and why we worship in the ways that we do, click here.

What’s expected of me?
When you visit NCCA we ask only that you allow us to be your host! Be sure to speak with a member or two of from our Usher Ministry team, they will be in the foyer ready to greet you when you walk in. They would love to meet and learn more about you and your family, offer you refreshments, and answer any questions you may have. It is our desire that you leave NCCA feeling welcomed and loved.

If you have any other questions feel free to call us at, (404) 929-1400, or visit ourContact Page?